The Most Common Addictions

The Most Common Addictions, curiuous about them? Learn how stop your addiction now !
Aug 20

Online Gaming Addiction

Online gaming abuse

Online Gaming Addictions, this kind of addiction doesn’t seem to be real problem at the start. However it gets worse every day, especially for young people that just started to play an online game like World Of Warcraft. It begins with 3 hours a day then 4, 5 , can count right? These games are great in graphics, you can encounter other people, talk with them and there, it starts ! The desire to get a higher level or unique items is inevitable. These things are very time consuming. Did you know that there are even people that spend 100$ dollars a week for in game coins or items. Don’t forget that you also need to pay a monthly fee in some online games like World Of Warcraft.

This addiction becomes a real money spending issue. A lot of people know this and what do they do, they create websites to sell that in game money at very high prices ! Don’t think that people aren’t buying it. It’s and addiction and some people do buy it. Business right? I call it “making the problems of other people bigger”. Luckily these online games have strict rules for real money trading, but they can’t stop it. Another issue about this addiction is that your relationships with friends aren’t going to get better on it (I mean real life friends).

So now what? What can we do to help this person?

No doctor could help you with any medicine, because it’s all in the head. Try
to go somewhere outside and talk with him about his addiction problem. If he really doesn’t want to quit playing then just do what you need to do…put a password on his PC in the worst case scenario. Once he doesn’t think about the game, lets say after 2-3 weeks without playing or seeing it. Remove the game and block the URL to any download site for this game. After you’ve done this he will probably search for another game. Don’t worry because the person will be aware that he isn’t achieving anything with playing online games.

Punishing isn’t always the best way to handle problems, just like I said before, let the person think about what he is doing to himself. Talk about what he would do with his life. Playing games?

Gaming is an addictionAnti Social

True stories, gaming until you die. The online gaming addiction is widely spread in Asia and sometimes people do die (after playing 4 days non stop). Please don’t let it come so far, spend time with friends and family. Because one day you would regret it that you didn’t do that and preferred to play games! Playing games from father to children. Let your children chose, and don’t let them play at young age.

Do you play an online game at your work?

I know working isn’t the most interesting thing to do if you hate your job. Playing games at work isn’t a solution for that. If you really dislike your job, then their isn’t another option then finding yourself a new one. Try to make rules for yourself and don’t brake them.

A last thing you need to know. Online Games aren’t bad but you need to restrict the time for it. Living your life as a character in an online games is just pointless. Your real life is more important then any online game. Characters are just 0’s and 1’s. Think about that.

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